Water plays a significant role in a number of industries and controlling it can be a real headache for business owners and site managers.

Washrooms are typically attended to as per an arbitrary rolling schedule, noted on a clipboard, or when a complaint is received but with our smart solutions this is vastly reduced. Improving efficiency cuts down on labour costs – with wages increasing at pace, saving just 15 minutes per day of payable time would equate to over £1000 per year!

In other industries, such as engineering, sewage management and manufacturing an imbalance in water levels can result in hours or even days of downtime – in addition to engineering costs to measure and rectify.

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Smart Washrooms that improve efficiency

Tasks requiring human labour amounts to money and when those tasks can be part-automated, the cost savings can be vast.

Hygiene obligations for washrooms in hospitals, schools, hotels, shopping centres… are usually done manually, and noted on a clipboard. For example

  • Cleaning regularly throughout the day becomes targeted cleaning based on traffic and feedback

  • Issues picked up in next cleaning cycle, or with complaints becomes issues identified promptly enabling proactive action e.g., replenish paper

  • Cleaners manually fill in schedules – often pre-filled becomes cleaners press a button to record
    when they are cleaning

Water function in industrial settings

An ongoing problem for sewage management companies is the checking of water levels – which can often get too low, and will need topping up.

However the ‘old’ way of monitoring this is expensive and time consuming, with manual checks being made and then potential downtime to facilitate a top up. Our sophisticated water management solutions keep a constant check on water levels and will automate top-ups when the levels get too low.

We have worked with a number of management companies who had previously installed other automation systems, and found these to be inadequate as they are often ‘off the shelf’ solutions – with Origin UK, no two systems are the same, because no two clients requirements are ever the same!

Your dashboard and data is customised to your exact needs. It may be that your engineers need ease of access to one type of data, where another department does not need this, but needs something else. Your system is bespoke to your company needs and configured so that the interface displays the relevant data.

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