Automated real time wireless temperature monitoring systems that reduce inefficiencies in any type of premises or establishment.

Perhaps you are a residential or commercial Landlord where heating is included in the rent, or a food production company needing to comply with BRC legislation?

Our solutions reduce the labour cost of making manual checks, save you money and improve your environmental impact.

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Who might use our temperature monitoring solutions?

Our automated temperature monitoring solutions are in use across a range of sectors and industries:

Maintaining a comfortable working temperature benefits your employees, but also the bill payer who is not unnecessarily wasting cash in gas or electric to generate heat that is not wanted or needed. Small efficiency savings every day, mounts up to a significant cost saving over a year.

Food production companies need to comply with BRC legislation. Automated temperature monitoring provides temperature records for external audits while reducing labour and risk of error. Origin UK can monitor the ambient temperature and humidity of production areas, temperature controlled storage and ovens.

Incorrect storage temperatures in warehousing can have a detrimental effect on the preservation of stored goods and the quality of the product. Our automated monitoring systems continuously check that the warehouse is at the optimal temperature, without the need for labour intensive manual checking to take place.

Maintaining a compliant temperature in hotels is a legal requirement, and is usually undertaken manually – with an associated wage cost that can be avoided with an automated solution installed.

If you are running a kitchen, whether it is in a restaurant, cafe, school or hospital – you must check and record fridge and freezer temperatures at regular intervals. Failure to adequately record this information would be considered a Health & Safety breach and could result in penalties. Manually checking this and writing it down is both time consuming, and exposed to error – but our automated solutions check and record this continuously so that you can be certain that you are compliant at all times.

Recording temperatures in food production and preparation

Businesses that store produce in fridges or freezers – such as supermarkets, kitchens or even factories and warehouses, have an obligation under Health & Safety regulations to check and record temperatures at intervals throughout the day.

This is often performed with a manual, visual check and recorded in a log book – however this process is inefficient.

Further to the inefficiency of this process, is the vulnerability to error, or is often the case that a busy member of staff simply forgot. And of course, touching a log book and pen in a food handling environment is both a Covid-19 risk, as well as one for cross-contamination.

Solutions that continually check and record these temperatures without any human involvement means you can guarantee that you are safe and compliant at all times, should checks by authorities be made.

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