A growing number of business owners and Landlords are looking to automate and streamline their energy consumption (and cost) by using automated and intelligent solutions to improve efficiency in their commercial buildings.

about energy efficiency

Energy savings in the office – lighting

Our Electric Saving solutions are ideal for employers or Landlords who are conscious of the energy (and money!) wasted from multiple lights being left on in offices, bathrooms, meeting rooms and store cupboards overnight, over the weekend and even for an entire Christmas shutdown!

The cost of the electric wasted in these situations can easily run into the £100’s and £1000’s per year if you are operating a large space with multiple floors or offices. Our Electric Efficiency Solution’s can remedy this problem effectively – with remote access solutions (including remote monitoring/support) allow you to manage unnecessary and wasteful electric consumption from anywhere in the world.

Energy savings in the office – heating

A heating system left on overnight or over a weekend is one area of concern, but more significant is the consistent maintenance of temperature during the working day. It is not uncommon to see office workers operating in very hot and stuffy environments, unable to control the temperature – sometimes sitting with a window open to cool down! For the bill payer, their money is literally, going out of the window!

We can install innovative solutions that use sensors to gage the temperature in offices and buildings and configuring automated rules to ensure that offices are comfortable and energy efficient – with remote access to ‘check in’ without the need to visit the premises yourself.

The cost of these solutions can be recovered in a matter of months, making it a popular choice for bill payers.