Hotels are high traffic, 24/7 operations – using energy for lighting, heating, cooking and cooling, even the slightest efficiency improvement can render significant cost savings.

hotel energy efficiency

Bespoke systems for hotel energy management

Our bespoke systems for hotels monitor continually monitor room temperature, negating the need for manual checking and recording – thus reducing the labour intensity of compliance obligations and therefore generating cost savings.

With a low upfront cost and measurable return on investment in under 5 years our solutions are popular with hotel and facilities managers looking to improve the energy efficiency of their establishment.

Energy saving solutions for hotels

In addition to monitoring temperatures in your hotel, you may have acknowledged the time and cost inefficiencies relating to maintaining hygiene standards in your on-site guest toilets. Where cleaners or team members are required to make regular checks and record these results, the efficiencies rendered through automation can generate an excellent return in investment.

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automated hotel efficiency solutions