Office buildings consume vast amounts of energy – in particular, electric and heat.

Lights are frequently left switched on overnight or at the weekend when nobody is in the office – if each light fitting costs around 3 pence per hour run, and you have many lights, in many offices – this can amount to an eye watering sum of wasted cash over the course of a year!

Many Landlords of serviced office buildings where heat and electric are included in the monthly charges are often frustrated that occupiers of their commercial space are less motivated to manage their energy consumption because it is at no extra cost to them, and we have delivered a number of solutions to Landlords who are keen to remedy this complaint.

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Energy savings in the office – lighting

Our Electric Saving solutions are ideal for employers or Landlords who are conscious of the energy (and money!) wasted from multiple lights being left on in offices, bathrooms, meeting rooms and store cupboards overnight, over the weekend and even for an entire Christmas shutdown!

The cost of the electric wasted in these situations can easily run into the £100’s and £1000’s per year if you are operating a large space with multiple floors or offices. Our Electric Efficiency Solution’s can remedy this problem effectively – with remote access solutions (including remote monitoring/support) allow you to manage unnecessary and wasteful electric consumption from anywhere in the world.