Origin UK is a Lancashire based company, operating nationally throughout the UK to provide solutions that vastly improve the energy efficiency in commercial buildings, schools, airports, hospitals – and much more.

There are substantial cost savings that can be achieved from more energy efficient buildings – and Origin UK can provide an analysis of the costs saved, set against the initial investment.

Further, while saving money is always a motivating factor, a growing number of corporations are becoming more aware of the environmental impact that their business has on the planet and are looking at ways to mitigate their carbon footprint, use less energy, and become more efficient.

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Why choose Origin UK for your energy efficient automation?

Origin UK Control Solutions was established in 2016, and has set its eyes on the vision to make each and every one of its projects the most efficient and robust solution available on the market; our client-focused attitude provides a competitive edge and unparalleled performance.

Unlike other systems on the market – an Origin UK system is bespoke to your exact business requirements – your user interface and dashboard are customised in the way you want to see them, displaying the information you want and need. Other ‘off the shelf’ systems often mean trawling through tonnes of irrelevant data to find the parts that you want!

Our specialist team provide the technical expertise and ability to Assess, Design, Install and Maintain automatic control systems to the highest possible standard.

We will fully assess your site and advise on the solutions available to you, with a proposal that outlines the cost of the solution and the savings you will make.

Energy savings solutions are designed by our expert technicians and specialists, customised to fit with your exact requirements.

Your solutions are installed by our experienced and reliable team – as a reputable and fully insured firm, you can be confident that you will receive expert delivery of your chosen solution

As an end-to-end solution, Origin UK fully maintain your solution using our own secure servers and data systems. We are just at the end of the phone should you ever have any questions.

We provide solutions to a number of industries 

Origin UK have installed energy saving solutions across a number of UK wide industries – from NHS kitchens, to supermarket chains, serviced office buildings to airports.

Some of the solutions we can offer include:

Temperature Monitoring

Water level and water usage monitoring

Energy efficient solutions